Cyclist will start from the main square and will ride two laps. They will head south direction Prague and back to the main square. In case of the Flow variant after the first lap can cyclist pass the relay to the next team member who will complete the second lap. The discipline finishes after two laps back on the main square with a handover to the inline skaters.


classic & flow: 82 KM (2 rounds)

short: 41 KM (1 round)

download the gpx data here




Inline skaters can look forward to a short run from the main square down to the river Elbe (1.1 km) followed by beautiful inline track. After they cross the river over the bridge, they will swap their running shoes for inline skates and hit the track towards Dolní Beřkovice and back. The inline course from the changing point to Dolní Beřkovice will be ridden twice.  In case of the FLOW variant, competitors can change for the second lap. 

classic & flow: 25 KM (2 rounds)

short: 13 KM (1 round)

download the gpx data here



The runners take over the relay from inline skaters at the main square. From here they will run one 8 km long course towards Baraba. Here they can take a breath before they will hit the second lap. In the meantime, swimmers will jump into the water and will do two 1.2 km long laps before they will hand the relay back to the runners. Second lap will be a different track, this time they will head towards Hořín and then back to the main square. In case of variant Flow, another team member may complete the second run/swim lap.

classic & flow: 8 KM Run I - 2 x 1.2 KM SWIM - 8 KM Run II

short: 8 KM Run I - 1 x 1.2 KM SWIM, there will not be Run II, discipline bike starts at Baraba

run I download the gpx data here 

swim download the gpx data here

run II download the gpx data here




Last on the track will get bikers. As they will finish the first GIGACZECH 1 day. There will be as well at least 2 bike laps awaiting them. In case of category Flow, discipline can be split between two bikers. More detailed info will follow soon. 

classic & flow: 48 KM (4 rounds)

short: 24 KM (2 rounds)

download the gpx data here


Version as of June 1st 2022. Courses can be changed and updated.